Home Organisation Ideas

We all want our homes to be clean and hygienic, comfortable, safe and to be places where we can feel relaxed and happy. The beauty of a home is not measured by size or location. A home stacked full of far less appealing than a neatly arranged and organised house no matter what size. They say the home speaks volumes about the owners, so, if your home is cluttered and messy, what does that say about you? If you have an immaculately tidy home with everything in its place, your home and therefore you will be viewed positively.

Unfortunately, to maintain our homes in this state requires work. No matter how much work we do to keep our homes organised like this, there is always more that we could do. So a busy person has to decide what is extremely necessary and what is not, so you also have time to enjoy life as well. The first step to keeping my home clean was to actually learn the proper organisational practices. A home that is not tidy can hardly be cleaned with little effort. This is why once and for all a decision has to be made – proper organisation brings many benefits. A more compact home that has less random stuff around is really easier to maintain. More bright surfaces, fewer accessories and useless items will really make the whole place easier to clean, and for some, it can be more appealing and comfortable. Take decisive action towards having an organised home. It should not be pretty hard to determine what proper organisation is – witness how better it will feel to have your mini-wardrobe or shelves sorted out.┬áListed below are suggestions on how to organise your home.

List all the jobs you need/want to do around the house with their frequency. For instance: daily – washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, tidy up, take out trash; weekly – vacuuming, dusting; monthly – clean light fixtures, clean windows.

Decide for the daily jobs when they ought to be done (before leaving the house in the morning or after returning home from work or school). The weekly jobs need a regular day, such as vacuuming every Monday, dusting every Friday. And the monthly jobs need also need to be slotted in on a particular weekday, such as clean light fixtures on Tuesday, alternating rooms every week so that all rooms get done once a month. This sounds more complicated than it actually is, once you create a plan on paper, it all becomes quite clear.

Keep your house as clutter free as possible. It can be very difficult to work efficiently cleaning your home if you have too much furniture, ornaments or just piles of stuff lying on every surface. So, make time to sort through those piles, discarding rubbish, and get rid of superfluous furniture and ornaments.

Never attempt to do too many tasks at once. Concentrate on doing fewer jobs properly, rather than half doing several things. Even if the few tasks you complete are only small ones such as to clean a mirror that is still better than nothing.

Have a place for everything, and make a habit of putting everything back in its place after use. If it is possible, add more storage space to your home.

Classify by purpose. Sorting different clothes in the same cabinet will never succeed; you will eventually dump your business jacket with the sports shirts in the hurry of picking up your child from school. Instead, have small cabinets and shelves built to hold each category separately, so that the occasional misfits are easily visible.

Keep your pantry well stocked with the basic meal ingredients you use regularly. This will save unnecessary trips to the shop. Another good idea is to always keep a supply of “fast foods” in the freezer for emergencies or times when you don’t have time to cook.
Consider compiling meal plans for a week or a month. I find that just knowing what I am going to make for the next meal makes me feel more organised.

Set daily or weekly goals and write lists of everything you wish to accomplish in that time frame. It is very satisfying to be able to tick off tasks you have accomplished.

Do your laundry every day or every second day. The benefits of this are a continuous supply of clean clothes and no stress of a large once a week “laundry” day.

Always keeping at least the kitchen and bathrooms clean will give the whole house an aura of cleanliness. A sink full of dirty dishes or clothes and towels all over the bathroom floor will give the whole house a dirty, cluttered feeling.

Don’t procrastinate! It’s very easy to keep on putting off the hardest housework tasks you really don’t like doing. My “don’t want to do jobs” are cleaning the oven and fridges. But I have found that they don’t go away unless you get someone else to do them!

This brings us to the most important tip of all. Recruit your family to help with the housework. Give your kids regular chores to do. This will help them to learn valuable life skills as well help you.
Collect similar things together. Scrap any broken or unused gadgets. Remove what remains and wipe out the drawer and flatware holder and return utensils. Use drawer separators to keep them organised. Dump the contents onto the counter. Sort through them; putting like objects together. Use small plastic containers to store tiny sundries.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to reach your organisational goals all at once but do not fret. If you find yourself becoming discouraged because the job looks too big or is taking too long, take a break, revise your plans, and try again later. But do not stop until you get the desired results. After all, you are the one who has to live there. You would not want to endure a dirty home every day forever now, would you? So get to it and start to organise your home.


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